Monday, March 5, 2012

I promise....

New posts are coming! Papers and midterms just aren't conducive to keeping up a blog. But, here's some pictures from this weekend in Florence and Viareggio...

Photo credit to Sarah, thanks for the awesome picture! Me on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

School sponsored field trip: tour of Salvatore Ferragamo's museum. I'll take it.

Carnevale Part 2! Viareggio, a coastal town two hours from Siena. How I missed the beach.

In other news, CET went to Siena's Mens Sana basketball game last week. Full of wanna-be American NBA players, dancing frogs and a rowdy Italian fan club, it was not something to be missed. We lost at the last minute to Real Madrid, but the fans didn't seem too upset, considering the amount of enthusiastic clapping that commenced after the game. This was confusing to me. Everybody stayed until the end and showed undying support for their team even though they lost a game they had been winning for most of the time? I don't think I'm at UVA anymore...

Dancing frog...? He had some pretty lame moves. And danced to the same three American club songs.

Yesterday, Faith, Stella and I saw The Artist at a small, artsy theater on the other side of town. It was the complete opposite from the ridiculous movie going experience in the states (10 dollar popcorn, 20 million theaters, people being loud and just generally impolite). Granted it wasn't the commercial theater, but it was calm and sophisticated, and the movie was just great (and written in English!)

Ciao for now!

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