Friday, March 9, 2012

Bologna, finally...

This is totally out of order, but I had to get something down about Bologna, considering it was my favorite trip so far. It's hard to put my finger on exactly what it was that I loved so much, but I think the young/artsy feeling was similar to Charlottesville and it just felt so cool. Also Bologna is home to the oldest university in the world (founded 1088) and is filled with college students, street musicians, creativity and colorful buildings!
Accordion player.
Typical Bolognese street.
Our night and day consisted of:
-Almost having to register ourselves with police station because we did not have our passports to give to the hotel. thank God for internet!
-Three hour dinner at Osteria dell'Orsa (the stuffed pasta I posted a picture of, bruschetta, wine and cheesecake). This place had such a cool atmosphere, long wooden tables with benches, sort of like more legit picnic tables, and was packed all night.
Me, Evan, Brooke and Sarah at dinner.
-Wandering around what seemed like the "corner" for Bolognese students. Crowds everywhere, but also something new: groups of friends sitting around in circles on the ground in the piazze around the main street. The occasional guitar was a perfect touch to the scene.
-Taking in the Piazza Maggiore - huge, filled with performers and sun. These guys were my favorite:
Piazza Maggiore.
-Archaeological museum, yay something other than religious paintings! And I got to see a mummy.
-A visit to the Archiginnasio of Bologna, the first building to include all the departments of the school in one place. It is covered in "graffiti" of the students' family crests ALL over the ceilings and the walls.
Anatomical theater at the Archiginnasio, with skinless statues.
Family crests.
-Seeing the largest zodiac sun dial at the Cathedral di San Pietro.
-Touring a reconstructed house/government building at one of the many Palazzos around Piazza Maggiore.
-Ghiardini Margherita! My favorite part of the day. Main park in Bologna, swarming with college students having picnics and throwing frisbees, and LARPers! (live action role play) ...apparently this is an international phenomenon
Ashton, Sarah and I playing soccer.
-Lasagna alla Bolognese in said park. Delicious.
The group at lunch.
-Watching a group of college kids in ridiculous costume run back and forth and back and forth a busy street, causing a huge crowd to gather and certain impatient drivers to become angry. It was so random and great.

-SPRINTING from the train station to the bus station in Florence to catch the bus home to Siena. Alas, we were one minute late. Made fools of ourselves for nothing...

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