Sunday, January 22, 2012

Un Piccolo Ripasso

A quick review of my weekend: it was quite lazy, sleeping till noon and wandering/taking pictures all day (we're in Italy, this is ok, right?), but I must point out a few milestones that occurred. I am just now realizing that they all have to do with food. Hm...

1. I had my first gelato. Now THAT was a life changing experience. Seriously. Who knew ice cream could actually taste so much better here? And the sizes are much smaller so you don't feel like you're gorging yourself as you do at Cold Stone or Ben and Jerry's, but they do take care to pack it as densely as possible. They know what's up.

2. I had my favorite meal thus far. Overpriced pears and cheese. But not just any overpriced pears and cheese, ITALIAN pears with pecorino cheese all drizzled in honey. Words can't even describe. The setting I was in probably added to the feeling of pure happiness I experienced while eating it. It was a gorgeous, warm day on the Piazza del Campo, and I was excited about the prospect of having absolutely nothing to do but take in the amazing city around me. It was...perfetto.

3. I had my first encounter with olives. I hate olives. I'm in Italy...this is a problem. Luckily it was only in a Sicilian salad with fennel and oranges, so they were easy to pick out. But, it reminded me of the looming inevitability of having to eat one. I dread the day.

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