Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to the Books

Yesterday was the first day of school. School = what I think is meant to be an apartment (it's in a building with other apartments) converted into 4 classrooms and an office. It's pretty cool. Also, random side note: Italians love graph paper. I don't get it. I bought two notebooks the other day without realizing they were filled with graph paper, and had to scour the cartoleria (paper store) for quite some time before I could find any with ruled paper.

Anyways, I had Italian with Evan and our professor, Ida Ferrari (yes, Ferrari), in the morning for an hour and a half. Then a 30 min. break until Italian Cultural History in which we ran across the street to Pizzaland for a snack. Eric and I ventured to try the "pigs and chips" pizza- pizza with hotdog and french fries and ketchup on it. Eric seemed to like it, but me, not so much. I was just craving french fries ok!

Both were pretty much just introductions, but I can tell having a two person Italian class will be very useful. Our language teacher speaks to us only in Italian, which will be yet another great opportunity for practice.

Yesterday we saw a taxi strike out the window during Italian class, which was a pretty cool experience. There was a bunch of honking and we went to the window to see that there was a parade of taxis winding down the tiny streets. Our cultural history professor warned us to expect a lot of strikes while we are here, as Italy's government is going through a huge transition right now.

The cultural history class seems great, our professor is an American who has lived here full time for about 20 years. I am amazed at how much I found out about Italy in only one session! This is the class we will be going with on our wine and cheese tasting field trip soon, and on our trip to Sicily.

Speaking of Siciliy...I watched The Godfather last night for the first time. What better place to experience it, right? :)

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